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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I admit the Broncos were lousy through the 60s and into the 70s, but the fans sold out the games non-the-less. The Broncos have made steady progress up until the SB wins and then things more or less flattened out.

I wonder how Manning feels about the Broncos. I wonder why he chose the Broncos over all the other franchises that wanted him. On the flip side, I know why he wouldn't give kc the time of day. It's funny how kc fans rave about how loaded the team is aside from the QB position yet Manning refused to even visit kc.

KCmud, this is your SB. The offseason is the time that chefs fans all come together and predict how swell their team is and how they are going to win the SB. Congrats on another off season where you win the imaginary SB!
Manning chose the Broncos because of Horse Face. It's not that hard to see that.

And the Broncos had some trouble in the mid 60's if I do recall.

Btw the offseason is the Faiders SB time, numbnutz.
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