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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Oh, NO! BTW, "recent upsets"? 19 years isnt recent moron. We had a stud QB and we have wins in the playoffs that got us in the Super Bowl. You were probably too drunk, young or not born to remember our very first win that came in the hands of the Raiders in 1977. That made the city even more nutso for the Broncos. Can you remember the Browns with The Drive and The Drive 2? How about beating the Oilers in the first round with two fourth down plays in the final drive? I know you can't forget the win we put on Marty again with the away win vs your pathetic Chiefs then to go to Pittsburgh and do the same to them. Well, those last two got us to our first win. We never lost hope and our love for the Broncos even after those blowouts. We were patient and Elway and company got us the SB victory the fanbase was craving.
We have one of the top franchises in the NFL and since 1977, only a few top us. Enjoy suckness Chiefs fans. Your try at changing the subject of "Chiefs suck" is clearly not working.
Oh really? The mighty Broncos, one of the best franchises in NFL history, have only ONE more SB trophy than the Chiefs.
You don't even have the most SB wins of any team in the division.
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