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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I agree with this wheatgrass should be taken by it self. Best to have an orange wedge after the shot of wheatgrass to kill the after taste.

A word of caution; making green smoothies with a regular blender will turn you off to the wonderful world green juices. A regular blender oes not have the power of blade configuration to break down the cell walls of the fruit and greens and will leave you with a whorled up aural tasting mess. You really need to buy either a Vitamix or a BlendTeck or the 600 watt NutriBullet (Not the cheaper Bullet). You can get a Nutri Bullet at Bed & Bath for 99 dollars and they have coupons for 20% off.
The recipe I'm using is you juice an orange and wheatgrass seperately, add to a blender with ice and mix it up, sorta like an orange julius (man, blast from the past!). I usually do the wheatgrass shot by itself, or sometimes follow up with a strawberry about an hour before dinner. The recipe is in one of the wheatgrass books I got, I think the one with the growing kit maybe.

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