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Originally Posted by baja View Post
No not really but it's worth a read because juices, while great for cleansing, after some time you will find you will need the complete nutrition that blended whole foods gives you and this book offers a great explanation as to why whole raw blended foods.

A great web site for a juice cleanse is

What I do is ever season change I juice for a week to ten days and the rest of the time it's mostly smoothies which are covered very well in Green for life. Yu can also google David Wolfe + Nutri Bullet ( The inexpensive but powerful travel blender I linked earlier and learn why blended is better for everyday nutrition

I noticed you are dealing with diabetes 1 have you seen this?
Never seen that until today, but holy cow, $12 grand for the diabetic 21 day program! I just have a hard time believing you can stop taking insulin. Sure, if your pancreas is making some, but not enough so you have to take a shot, but you need insulin to convert sugar to energy. I'm not a veagan, but it is rare I eat meat, but there are carbs in a lot of fruit and veggies that will raise your blood sugar, and your liver can release stored sugar if it thinks you need energy.

Juicing has helped lower my insulin requirement, along with exercise. I can say I juice fruits and take a lot less insulin than I would have if I ate them. I always get high blood glucose levels if I eat an orange. The other day I juiced an orange and 2 carrots and took about %60 of the insulin I probably would have if I ate those items. Weird, but it's like there are fewer carbs in the juice, maybe the pulp that is left over contains a decent amount, not sure.

Edit: I found our blender, so tomorrow I am making a smoothie with some wheatgrass juice, sounds better than a straight shot of it!
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