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Originally Posted by hades View Post
Thanks for the suggestion on the book Baja. Does it also cover recipes for juicers, since I can't really make a smoothie in the juicers I have. Guess I can dig out the old blender and perhaps add juices I make to other ingredients to make a smoothie maybe? Heck, if I even still have a blender, need to look!
No not really but it's worth a read because juices, while great for cleansing, after some time you will find you will need the complete nutrition that blended whole foods gives you and this book offers a great explanation as to why whole raw blended foods.

A great web site for a juice cleanse is

What I do is ever season change I juice for a week to ten days and the rest of the time it's mostly smoothies which are covered very well in Green for life. Yu can also google David Wolfe + Nutri Bullet ( The inexpensive but powerful travel blender I linked earlier and learn why blended is better for everyday nutrition

I noticed you are dealing with diabetes 1 have you seen this?
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