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Originally Posted by hades View Post
That Omega, or any twin screw type are awesome, but more money than I wanted to spend. The masticating type I have is sufficient for what I needed, and you're right, and the carrot juice is different tasting. I like the Lalanne juicer for larger items, watermelon, apples, oranges, etc. juice pretty good out of it, and it is much faster for a quick juice.

I'm type 1, so no diet or medication other than insulin will ever keep me alive, my pancreas no workie... And I've never been over weight, not as a child or an adult. A lot of people think diabetics are always fat, not really true. Over weight people are more prone to type 2 diabetes however, than an average weight, healthy adult is.
There have been some cases of complete reversal with type 1. Type 2 is much easier though.
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