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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
Omega 8000 series makes the best tasting juice I've ever had. Try plain carrot in the Lalanne and than plain carrot in the omega. Completely different experience. Every home should have a Vitamix/Blendtec and an Omega 8000 series

Reversing diabetes...
That Omega, or any twin screw type are awesome, but more money than I wanted to spend. The masticating type I have is sufficient for what I needed, and you're right, and the carrot juice is different tasting. I like the Lalanne juicer for larger items, watermelon, apples, oranges, etc. juice pretty good out of it, and it is much faster for a quick juice.

I'm type 1, so no diet or medication other than insulin will ever keep me alive, my pancreas no workie... And I've never been over weight, not as a child or an adult. A lot of people think diabetics are always fat, not really true. Over weight people are more prone to type 2 diabetes however, than an average weight, healthy adult is.
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