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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
in all fairness to DT and his overall game; he has been injured quite a bit since he was drafted. coming out of college he had the foot injury and wasn't a big participant in camp and once the regular season started injuries crept up again and Orton was all about finding Brandon Lloyd. so not a great year to learn his craft. add in, most receivers don't hit the ground running coming out of college.

year 2 he was coming off a torn achilles and missed camp and the first 6 games of the season. he also had 2 years of seeing Tebow missing on throws and throwing into the dirt. now coming back from injury is tough, a guy may be healed but he may not have complete confidence in the newly healed limb. this is evident in that he wasn't a big factor for the 1st 6 weeks he was back on the field by a lack of production.

now in his defense about the route running, yes it was dumb to admit to, but really i don't think route running was being heavily emphasized in the offense last season. i'd wager that coaches were telling the receivers "run the route, but if the ball isn't out after 3 seconds start blocking" now if you are a young receiver, chances are your going to see your QB throwing on average 10 passes a game maybe 4 of which are catchable; how much effort is realistically going to be put into proper route running?

under the circumstances of the QB position the last 2 seasons it is too soon to label DT a bad player or route runner or Decker as a guy incapable of getting separation or both of them as players who drop a lot of balls. if that continues this season with a full TC and preseason worth of work with a great passer then we can start to worry and call out these guys.

His litmus test....their litmus test will be this season and who better to learn from than Peyton Manning, won't find a better mentor than Stokley.

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