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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Good well thought out post..

But that said.. playing football is not just physical lots of it is mental and he has had loads of mental time since being drafted and frankly before while in college to plan for the future..

Who knows had he put more mental time in just maybe he would have not been there for Josh to pick up..

I do realize that the game is physical and the only time you get those reps are a few in practice and then in games..With him being injured he lost some of that..

But again, saying I have to learn the route tree now that Manning is here can not be making Peyton a happy camper either..

Maybe they need to have part of the rookie symposium an "It is better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt" Class..

from what everyone says he is a personable guy and supposedly smart, but so far the jury is still out on him IMO.

Most of us thought the same thing about BM and look how many things that thug has been traded because he is a locker room cancer and WAS a wife beater..

The WR corp could be very good this year or Manning is in deep do-do..
i think the Marshall comparisons are lacking beyond the physical standpoint. for all intents and purposes DT is a great teammate and a good locker room guy. aside from a questionable choice in friends as a pro he hasn't been a distraction or a bad person in the city. with Marshall we all saw that he was a fun guy, but could also be an absolute turd, and his stupidity only mounted after everything with DWill(RIP)

granted it has only been a little over a year since his brush with trouble that was mainly Cox's fault and he was just a bystander, but he has kept himself out of trouble and out of the spotlight. Marshall couldn't do that.

now i don't know about DT's intelligence or lack thereof but i don't think his recent comments about having to be in shape or route running were the result of stupidity. lack of judgment and proper clarification is more how i interpret his comments.

to me, his saying i need to be in shape to run this offense, was him saying poorly, i need to get back to doing the things i need to, to be an NFL receiver, when over last season he was a downfield blocker more than a receiver and because of that he wasn't necessarily doing all the little things to be a receiving weapon.

his route running comment wasn't saying "i don't know what the routes are" it was saying, "i now have a QB that can make all the throws and i need to be capable of running all possible routes on the route tree, not just the few that Orton or Tebow were capable of throwing"
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