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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
The RG comment wasn't literal!?!? No way.

So, its ridiculous to evaluate and anticipate any player's potential based on their first year? It would have been pretty foolish of me to look at Demarcus Ware's stellar rookie season (58 tackles and 8 sacks) in 2005 and predict that he would one day be a great player. It would be even more astounding and foolhardy to compare any player's rookie years to any other player. In fact, we fans should just scrap our attempts at talent evaluation. So should all the sports media.

The fact that Von Miller had a rookie year (64 tackles 11.5 sacks) that was arguably better than Ware's rookie year doesn't mean a thing. I'm so sorry that I compared those numbers in my head and compared what I saw on the field in 2005 for the Cowboys and 2011 for the Broncos and came to the conclusion that Von could be one hell of a player if he keeps it up. That was ridiculous.

Ahhh quit your gushing.

cutthemdown, you usually have great football takes and I am sorry for going all super sarcasm on you on this one. However, I just think that its the main point of the Mane (or any place like this) for the general fan to actually evaluate, grade and judge players. I also think the best way to evaluate any young player is to compare them to their predecessors to help evaluate potential and to track that along the course of their career to determine if they met the potential and output they initially showed.

At this point, who knows what happens with Von. I know he had the hand injury, but his production drop off during that time was a little worrisome to me. That being said, he put up all around great rookie numbers and its hard for people to ignore that or to ignore the motor the guy had on the actual field. He is the kind of player that gets people excited and they want to know now whether he will actually continue to produce and grow from here. Since no one can actually know, we are left with trying to make educated guesses. The best way to do that is to compare the facts we do have on the young player to the output of other great players after their rookie seasons. This leads a lot of people to a hypothetical conclusion. Just like a scientific hypothesis is also based on previous observations, thats what we (fans, sports writers, FO execs) do.

Of course, we have to wait and see if our hypothesis can become a theory (2-4 years out) that can become a law (at retirement). So wait and see goes hand and hand with "lets make reasonable comparisons to arrive at logical, though not yet defined conclusions." Its just the natural process and many of us like to take part in it. Its part of the enjoyment of following sports.
You made your point lol.
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