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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
That's insane. He's 19 and is hitting .281. He also plays with speed and has an incredible throwing arm in the OF. Given his age, Harper has 5 tool written all over him.
Well, Bryce is 20 and Mike is 20.

Trout has a little more than 100 professional at-bats more than Harper, and 600 more at-bats (roughly) in the minors. What is hurting Harper now is the fact that most of his minor league batting experience came from the A level where his numbers weren't even all that great (good, but not awesome), and he was boosted up to AA/AAA and only had 200 at bats between the two classes combined.

He went from cake pitching in A where he did well and was average in AA/AAA against MLB quality talent. He is surpassing expectations already in the majors because his splits are better than last seasons' minor league play. He is undoubtedly going to be a great player, but as of right now, he isn't even close to Trout.

Trout's successes in the MLB can not only be attributed to his skill-set, but the fact that he had good progression in the minors at a steady rate and has been able to adjust well to MLB caliber pitching because he has seen it going through the ranks. Harper didn't have that shot, as he was called up extremely quick. Trout's first short stint in the MLB wasn't pretty, but sending him down to PCL helped him immensely.

They both get fanned too often (Harper needs better discipline and can learn to work a count better) -- but that will likely get better in time.

Both great players and the future of MLB!
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