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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Well, Harper is a year younger than Trout and posting incredible numbers for his age. Both are.
I don't see Trout continuing to hit .340+, but who knows. I just don't see him being able to compete with Hamilton for the MVP as long as Hamilton stays healthy.
I said it before on this page, Trout and Harper will be killer hitters in baseball in 3-4 years. Absolutely killer. I think Harper will be a bigger power threat, but Trout has more speed. It will be fun to watch them for years crush pitchers.
Trout can be what Ichiro was doing for infield hits. Trout doesn't slap it but he was clocked running from home to first in 3.53 seconds! We finally have our leadoff hitter since Figgins left us. We don't need a power hitter per se but if he is anything like Rickey Henderson as a lead off (or Jeter), we have something really special. Trumbo, Trout and Hunter in the outfield leaves very little room for Bourjos and Wells. DH? Morales is starting to really heat up there. Wells making $21 million this and next year puts the Angels in a tough spot but they are also getting Trout at a rookie salary so it all works out for the time being.
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