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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Guaranteed that Trout makes the AS roster. .344 average after going 4 for 6 and leads the AL in stolen bases. THere was a post back aways about someone wanting Harper over Trout. Trouts numbers are higher except in HRs. Dude is 20 and his cup of tea last season at 19 was just a small taste of what he brings to the Angels. Remember, he came up this season when Vernon Wells went down. One month into the season he is putting these numbers up. He is also technically a rookie. Besides Ichiro, Fred Lynn in 1975 was the last MVP and ROY in the same year. This could happen. Angels have been on fire since his call up. I don't think it is coincidental. I have wrote him in the 25 times I was allowed (also did Harper). Last hours to vote so get it in.
Well, Harper is a year younger than Trout and posting incredible numbers for his age. Both are.
I don't see Trout continuing to hit .340+, but who knows. I just don't see him being able to compete with Hamilton for the MVP as long as Hamilton stays healthy.
I said it before on this page, Trout and Harper will be killer hitters in baseball in 3-4 years. Absolutely killer. I think Harper will be a bigger power threat, but Trout has more speed. It will be fun to watch them for years crush pitchers.
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