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Playerwise, I agree with you.

You typically get the better prospects in return if the player you're getting isn't going into FA like Garza and Dempster are. Those two aren't in the situation that Jimenez, Fister, and Pence were when they were moved last season.

You can never underestimate the Yankees' willingness to take on salary though.

Steinbrenner the Younger has mandated they cut payroll, so we'll see what Cashman does in the next few weeks.
Its not likely the Yankees will be the only team in the mix. The Tigers, Rangers, Dodgers, and Blue Jays all have more to offer. There are other teams that also have more to offer. Thats where the Cubs are now. They're in the business of flipping established talent for a volume of young talent. The Cubs have a decent portfolio of young position players but they need some arms.

Soriano is the guy they want to unload salary with. Garza and Dempster, not as much...especially Garza.

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