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Yeah, Kile's curve was pretty flat in Coors and he also had a bad walk rate most of his career, which is a recipe for disaster at Coors.
Jennings was decent as he was able to throw a sinker to get a lot of ground balls, but he also had a high walk rate and allowed a lot of baserunners. The trade of him to Houston was a bit of a controversial move, but the players involved helped the Rockies make the World Series in 2007.
Rockies need speed and power. I love Helton, he is a great guy, was a great player, but he just doesn't bring enough to the table anymore. He is signed through 2013 I believe, and that will probably be the end for him. The Rockies need some pop from their 1B. I don't know what the brass plans to do, but 1B and 3B need some good production from those positions.
Yeah, Helton is kind of similar to Mark Grace in that regard. It's great that he can hit for average but in a park like Wrigley or Coors, the slugging % needs to be a lot higher. I know Helton is a fan favorite but if you're a 1B that plays half of his games at Coors Field, you need to be a guy who can drive the ball a lot more than Helton has in recent years.

And once again, you make other solid takes. Coors Field's outfield is so big that they could almost justify having 3 CFs in the OF, kind of like the 85 Cardinals had in Coleman, McGee, and Landrum. And this brings home the other point you're making about how its paramount to have a bigger power hitter/run producer at 1B. If you're going to have speed in the OF, you really need to have power from the infield, especially from 1B and 3B.

What the Rockies should do in the draft is take the best player available in the 1st but then load up on arms in the after that.
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