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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
Kile is the classic example of what I was referring to though when I mentioned guys who rely on the breaking action of their pitches. I think that guy that Colorado traded to Houston (Jennings?) would have been a good guy to hang on to. Sorry for ending the sentence with a preposition but I don't feel like being like a brit.

As for how and who they target is concerned, I think you make a lot of sense.
Yeah, Kile's curve was pretty flat in Coors and he also had a bad walk rate most of his career, which is a recipe for disaster at Coors.
Jennings was decent as he was able to throw a sinker to get a lot of ground balls, but he also had a high walk rate and allowed a lot of baserunners. The trade of him to Houston was a bit of a controversial move, but the players involved helped the Rockies make the World Series in 2007.
Rockies need speed and power. I love Helton, he is a great guy, was a great player, but he just doesn't bring enough to the table anymore. He is signed through 2013 I believe, and that will probably be the end for him. The Rockies need some pop from their 1B. I don't know what the brass plans to do, but 1B and 3B need some good production from those positions.
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