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To me, this year for Hammel has been a fluke. No way is he really this good. He always had the stuff to be a solid starter, but not the way he is pitching now.

That said, to me, it was ridiculous trading for an older pitcher who isn't an upgrade over Hammel really.

I have always believe what you really need are pitchers with high K rate at Coors Field, and pitchers with low walk rates. Sure, every team needs those, but its more important at Coors to avoid the batter making contact in the field of play since the field is so vast.
But what if the high K rate is being driven by certain pitches that don't work as well at altitude? I don't know if there's an exact template of what an altitude pitcher looks like. But I'd think that getting strikeouts by changing speeds weighs more heavily than the break. I'd also think that keeping the ball down on most hitters (some HR hitters are actually low ball hitters) is especially useful in keeping the ball in the infield and avoiding that massive OF that you mentioned.
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