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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
He rushed the passer as well as any sack-specialist in the league and his run-stuffing was impeccable. IIRC, PFF's rating system had him ranked highest last year. That is with a broken hand and the usual rookie fatigue, mind you. A healthy Von Miler is quite clearly one of the best linebackers in the entire league and arguably the best. Anybody who has watched him play should know that already.
He's not better than DeMarcus Ware right now, no matter how you try to spin it. Ware is the best OLB in the league by far.
On top of Ware, how can you say he's better than Terrell Suggs or LaMarr Woodley?

And idk if you are just specifying LB's who are sack specialist, but if it's simply pass rushers, than Von is not as good of a pass rusher as Jared Allen.
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