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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Did you not put up your wedding photos a few years ago? I'm pretty sure that was you. And you didn't seem that old.
You're suggesting I am unable to remember if Lawrence Taylor caused more than three fumbles because I was too young? I was seven years old when I watched the Super Bowl against the Giants. Everyone was talking about how Taylor was going to sack Elway and if we didn't stop him we'd lose. My recollection is he did sack him one time but by and large Taylor was a non-issue. It was the rest of the defense that shut down Elway.

Regardless, a fumble is perhaps the easiest play to recognize. And since I was a teenager when LT retired, I saw him play into my adolescence - in the playoffs and on MNF and SB XXV.

So no, you are wrong. I was not too young to remember if he had more than three fumbles or not. Even if I was, do you honestly think I would assume someone with 145+ sacks and 1000+ tackles would have had only three? I still am shocked you really believed that.

/Cue subject change.

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