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I've already grouped these in desending ability
1: Andre Caldwell - 6'0" 190
1: D'Andre Goodwin - 5'11" 188
1: Eric Decker - 6'3" 218
1: Mark Dell - 6'2" 195

2: Jason Hill (KR) - 6'0" 202
2: Greg Orton - 6'3" 199
2: Eric Page (KR) - 5'9" 186

3: Gerell Robinson - 6'3" 229
3: Matthew Willis (KR) - 6'0" 190

Cut: Brandon Stokley - 6'0" 192
Cut: Demaryius Thomas - 6'3" 229
Cut: Tyler Grisham - 5'11" 180

In the 1s we have two very fast, but smallish receivers with great hands and two larger, slower, heady receivers. It's up to Manning what type he wants at slot and outside - ie; Caldwell and Decker outside or Caldwell and Goodwin outside with Decker or Julius Thomas inside.

In the 2s we need to keep a prospective KR as well as another large target. In the speed category I've ranked it Hill - Page and Willis (3s), but this could easily change come preseason. In the size category Orton looked OK last season while Dell in the 1s looked excellent, but I have questions about Gerell's play (3s).

Cut are guys that can't play football. Stokley knows the game and would be a good emergency mid-season signing, but not a 53-man candidate. Thomas sucks, always has and will. If we can find some saps that will take him in trade, the FO should jump even if it's for a 6th or conditional. Not sure why Grisham got invited to camp.
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