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Rather than the whole ball of wax, I'll break this down by position. Only after debate, the start of preseason and a better idea of our offensive and defensive strategy will I make a 53-man roster recommendation and speculation.

Peyton -- Weber -- Oswalt
Manning is deffinitely our starter, but the #2 is iffy. I really think Weber is ready and could be our "QB of the future", but the FO also brought in Hanie. I'm guessing Hanie is the fallback if Weber doesn't perform and the FO trys to hide him on the P-Squad another year. There's nothing to make me think Brock will be anything more than a bust, spending a few years with a clipboard and out of the league.

I have to break this down into three roles;
RB = Fannin -- Johnson -- Hillman
HB = Fannin -- McGahee
FB = Sylvester -- McGahee
The best all-around RB, with power, speed, blocking, receiving, etc on our roster is Fannin. McGahee doesn't have the quickness and speed to be a number one and hasn't for years, but he is a good backup for the inside or blocking game. I wouldn't be surprised if he's cut.
Our best receiving and outside threat, and also a good pass blocker and inside runner, is Johnson. The best tandem for us this year is him and Fannin. Watching Hillman in college, it will be years before he's anything more than a K/PR, but could offer situational dynamic play. If he hadn't been drafted, I'd guarantee he'd be on the P-Squad or gone because of his lack of ability.
At fullback, Sylvester is far better than Gronkowski in all aspects; run blocking, pass blocking, running and receiving.

Thomas, Dreessen, Tamme, Green
I could see Julius and Joel being a 1a and 1b, with Dreessen in on running down, Thomas in on passing downs and outside in 2TE sets. Tamme is just a receiving TE and would be Thomas' backup while Green remains a project. If Dreessen gets hurt, we could always replace him with a fatty lineman like last season.
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