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TJ Ward!

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
QB: Manning, Hanie, Osweiler
RB: McGahee, Hillman, Moreno, Fanin
WR: DT, Decker, Stokely, Caldwell, Page
TE: Tamme, Thomas, Green
TE/FB: Dreesen
OLine: Clady T, Franklin T, Harris T, Kuper G, Beadles G, Ramirez G, Blake C/G, Walton C

Offense# 24

DE: Doom, Ayers, Jackson, Odom, Hunter
DT: Warren, Wolfe, Siliga, Bannan, Vickerson
LB: Miller, Mays, Woodyard, Trevathan, Irving, Johnson
CB: Champ, Porter, Florence, Bolden, Harris, Thompson
S: Adams, Moore, Carter, Bruton


Special Teams #3
Take Mareno out and add Jeremiah Johnson and I like it.
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