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Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
My stab at the final 53

QB (3)
Manning, Hannie, Osweiler

RB (5)
Magahee, Hillman, Moreno, Fanin
Gronkowski (FB)

WR (5)
D Thomas, A Caldwell
Decker, Page

TE (4)
Tamme, J Thomas
Dressen, V Green

OL (8)
Clady, R Harris
Kuper, Ramirez
Blake, Walton

DE (4)
Dumerville, Hunter
Ayers, M Jackson

DT (4)
Warren, Vickerson
Wolfe, Bannan

LB (7)
SLB: D.J, Woodyard, Steven Johnson
WLB: Von, Travathan
MLB: Mays, Irving

CB (6)
Champ, Bolden
Florence, Porter, Squid Thompson
Slot: C Harris

Moore, Carter
M Adams, Bruton

ST: Prater, Paxton, Colquitt

Ihenaco S
Remmers OT
G Robinson WR
Coryell CB
Blatnick DE
Silga DT
Tribue OG
J Franklin LB

I think someone like Franklin or Blatnik could start the season with the team to cover for DJ while he is suspended.
Silga will make the roster imo, one more lineman less lbs... also i think we carry 3 tes one more wr
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