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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
NOt sure that being an off the field humanitarian is something the HOF makes a requirement..

Pretty sure that they look at the stats of the man as pretty much their main criteria..

Besides DT did pad his stats a lot also..

I disliked the guy because he caused us fits, and as I said before would have loved to have him playing in DEN instead..

But he was not a great human being as you suggest.. Had negatives off the field and maybe even in the locker room. I can't speak to that, but generally if you're a prick outside work some of it rubs off at work and vice versa,,
Its not that he was a prick. He was a nice often not serioius enough. He was to much a player and had kids out of marriage he didnt raise. That was his biggest fault. He didnt pad stats. He wasnt a prick to anyone and its easy to see after you stated you didnt know much about him that now you're just making it up as you go. BR is making you look stupid. You should not participate in conversations you know nothing about.

He played a hybrid position that was referred to in KCs scheme as the Falcon position. He played where he was asked and what he was asked. He was not a coverage LBer. He was a rush LBer. Usually off the left side of the offense. He was so prolific at it that no matter the gameplan the dude got his.

Broncos fans biggest crack on him was his skills as a father. Not a prick.

You folks have never had a LBer that could hold his jock. Ever. Get over it
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