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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
FYP. Red doesn't make the team. Orange makes the team.

1. The Broncos are keeping Gronkowski. Elway said, we are going to use him in short yardage, and goal-line situations. Gronkowski said Manning always wanted a FB in Indy. You know how I feel about that, but there is too much evidence saying Gronk makes the team.

2. That means we don't have room for Moreno. I think he's traded before the season.

3. I don't see the Broncos keeping 5 DE's. The only way they sign Odom is if they cut Hunter.

4. It will hurt the Defense badly having Williams out. I could see the Broncos cutting him, but what a loss.

5. Thompson ran a 4.75 forty BEFORE he tore his achilles. The dude is toast. Judie is better by far.
They wouldn't need Hunter if we picked up Odom.
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