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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I think he meant DT's numbers didn't help kc win any meaningful games.
That reflects the team more than the player. Its the illogical nonsense you see on BBs all the time. It really has to do with nothing.

The original point I made was that DT was Millers favorite player growing up. Instead of debating the point (which no one can) they deflect.

A person would look more intelligent to say nothing than to go on about how Millers favorite player and HOFer was no good or disapeared in games.

Fact is, most of what he's saying isnt true.

Besides, I thought all games were meaningful. You better hope the players dont take the "meaningless games" posture you guys do. Tell Manning to look at the schedule and determine which games are meaningless.

Surely by not winning the SB last season you're not saying the Broncos season was meaningless?
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