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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Alex Rodriguez hit his 11th HR of the year today (640th career HR).

That gives him 1,925 career RBIs, which is 8th all-time.

Hank Aaron owns the all-time record with 2,297 career RBIs.

Only 3 players (Aaron, Ruth, Anson) have hit the 2,000 RBI mark.

A-Rod turns 37 next month and strikes me as the kind of guy who would like to own major records when he is done playing, and I don't fault him for that.

Let's say A-Rod gets 50 more RBIs this year....which would put him at 1,975 RBIs, leaving him 323 RBIs short of passing the record.

If he played 4 more years and averaged 81 RBIs, he would pass Hank Aaron and be the all-time leader in RBIs.

As for HRs....A-Rod has 640 career HRs.

Barry Bonds holds the record with 762 HRs.

A-Rod's power has been decreasing the last few years.

Let's say he hits 15 more this year....that would leave him at 655 career HRs.

He would still need 107 more HRs to pass Bonds.

That would be 4 more years and 27.0 HRs per year to own the record.

I think A-Rod has about an equal chance of breaking the RBI and HR record now that I look at the numbers....with a slight edge to RBIs.

He could really used a 35+ 110 RBI season somewhere in the next 4 year to help him out.

It's really hard to get to his age and you can hit a steep decline at any time....and his power number are starting to decrease.

I'd give A-Rod about a 50/50 shot of breaking both records.
After ARod's 2007 season, I thought he would be a slam dunk to break Aaron's and Bonds' records.
Then the injuries started coming up, and factor in the diminishing numbers now, I don't know.
Add in the hits too, he will have scary numbers.
Say he plays 4 more years, and breaks Aaron and Bonds, he will likely have 3,300+ hits, 2,000+ runs scored, 2,300+ RBI's, 760+ homeruns, etc.
However, all of that could crumble down if Albert Pujols regains his former glory.
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