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My seats are in the club corner. Sec. 328. I like the seats I have a good view of the field and I was able to move down from the 5th level. Use to be in Sec. 503. So the difference for me was very noticeable. A bunch of the seats are under cover and that is nice, didn't have any bad weather last year though.

I moved down last season, like most people there were no upgrade opportunities for me this year.

The concourse area is pretty good, doesn't seem to over crowded but the bathrooms on the level are small and not many of them. For such a new stadium I would have thought they would have done better having big bathrooms and more of them.

I was on the waiting list for 7 years and got my season tickets in 2007. Like someone said earlier you get to choose the number of seats you want and I picked 4
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