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John Elway - ("I think you’re still going to see good balance. I think the misconception is that Peyton throws the ball all the time but when they were winning and doing well, they were top 12 in the league in rushing."

Elway's answer's are telling, regarding what Denver's Offense will look like this year. We have been looking for something concrete, and I believe we have found it.

A. He mentions using '21' personnel in short yardage, and goal line situations - That is pretty smart if you ask me. Very limited, but can come in handy in special situations, while running the No-Huddle most of the time...precisely what I've been promoting.

B. The Colts were never 'top 12' in yards 'when they were successful'. The Colts only Superbowl win (2006), they were 18th in rushing attempts and 18th in rushing yards - What were the totals? 557 attempts and 439 rushing attempts.

B. In fact, you have to go all the way back to 2001, when the Colts ranked 17th in attempts and 7th in yards to find when the Colts ranked within the 'top 12' rushing.

Indianapolis Colts 2001:
1. Manning had 26 TD's, 23 INT's, 4131 yards, 62.7 comp. %
2. The Colts had 557 passing attempts, and 438 rushing attempts (remarkably, same as in 2006).
3. The Colts ran out of the 2 TE, 2 WR, 1 RB set.
4. 2001 was Reggie Wayne's rookie year, and only started half the year.
5. Receptions are as follows:
Marvin Harrison (WR) - 109
Wayne/Wilkins/Pathon (WR) - 85
Marcus Pollard (TE) - 47
Ken Dilger (TE) - 32
Dominic Rhodes (RB) - 34
Edge James (RB) - 24
Total of top 6 - 331 receptions

To get 12th in rushing in 2011, the Jaguars had 1,970 yards. If the Broncos run the ball 438 times, they would have to average 4.5 yards per rushing attempt to get 1,970 rushing yards in 2012. A healthy average, which would place them ~7th overall in rushing. Sounds like a good goal to me.

What's more, if you take Manning's total passing attempts (557), and assume he will complete 65% of his passes, you end up with 362 completions (right in line with my previous goals)

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