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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I don't see Delmon getting a 5/50 deal....not with his inconsistency and off field issues.

It will probably be a deal in the three year range, as nobody will want to commit to him any longer than that.

Here is what he has been paid the last 3 years:

2010 $2,600,000
2011 $5,380,000
2012 $6,750,000

Seeing that and taking into account his production (outside of 2010), I think 3 years and $27 million dollars might actually be on the high end of things.

I think if Detroit or another team offered him a 3 year deal for $21 million to $27 million dollars, he would be wise to jump all over it.
And at that price, it would be the right deal for both sides. Hitting 5th behind Cabrera and Prince, you're not going to get a whole lot better production than Young at $7-$8M a year.

Boesch is only making half a mil, and is only eligible for arbitration in 2013, so the Tigers have 2 years to take a good look at him. I don't think he'll need that, and I'd be willing to bet he'll end up a mid to high .200's guy with 25 HR or so in the next few years. He's locked up until 2016.

Neither Boesch nor Young are good enough hitters to move to full-time DH, and we're going to have a backlog at that position when Victor Martinez comes back anyway. Perhaps move Young before the deadline as a one year rental for someone, but what do you do with Jackson and Berry in the meantime?
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