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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
In my opinion, Delmon Young's future with the Tigers is yet to be determined.

I think a lot rides on what he does from this point on the rest of the well as how good some of the other Detroit OFs perform the rest of the season.
It is an unknown, and he may want a somewhat pricey contract even though the past two years(2011 and 2012) have been somewhat average at best. I really don't think 2010 season from him is what to assume/expect.
I mean, if he stays healthy and can hit 10-15 homeruns, maybe a few years up to 20, and get back to hitting in the .290 range, he'd be a solid bat in the lineup.
But, seeing as how he rarely walks, if he's hitting near .260 with that pop, not worth the price he might want.

If he picks it up the rest of the season, I could see him getting a 5 year, $50+ million contract. If he doesn't, probably a 3 year, $27 million contract.
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