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In regards to the fielding argument, I think it's more important than houghtam's opinion.

You can't take only fielding percentage and errors into account.

A lummox in the field who is too slow to react to hit balls and doesn't get to them isn't factored into that simply goes as a hit for the batter because the fielder didn't get to the ball and thus it's not counted as an error.

Also not being factored into the fielding equation is arm strength and accuracy, which is not included in fielding percentage. Hitters will take extra bases on hits and score more runs if they know an outfielder has a weak arm and is not much of a threat to gun them down. Guys will take an extra base all day on a Johnny Damon....but when someone like Jeff Francoeur guns someone down, they will think twice about taking extra bases. You could argue that Jeff Francoeur might only gun down a handful of guys a year....but it's not simply how many he throws out, but also the number of times he deters someone else from trying.

I agree to an extent that when it comes down to it, you need to score runs, but you also need to stop runs from being scored.

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