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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
Good lord I now fully understand why everyone rails on book four. Im just starting it now, but it cant hope to be anywhere CLOSE to three. I'm still in awe and disbelief of everything that just transpired in the last thousand pages. if what everyone says is true, the next thousand is going to feel like watching griese falter and TD tear an acl after 97/98 incredibleness.

Im still trying to wrap my head around the epilogue of 3 with donderrion, the riders, and the "hooded woman". Wtf!?!?!!!

Oh, and another thing...glancing through the table of contents...where are all of the characters?
Originally book 4 and 5 were to be one book. I read an interview with GRRM and he said he got through half the story and it was 1000 pages so he split it up. All the characters you don't see in book 4 are in book 5 a great deal. Book 4 and half of book 5 take place during the same time period and it all comes back together at the end of 5.
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