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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
You're way wrong buddy.
Fielding is pretty fricken important, and that is a HUGE dropoff, which would result in a lot more runs scored for the opponent.
Basically you're saying to me the Mariners would have won more games if they had Cabrera at 3B instead of Beltre during those years. I say false.

Lol at saying a player can just change positions like that without sacrificing for the team. Not alone the errors, but more hits will probably be given up. Which leads to more runs.
Fielding is waaaaaay huge in baseball and Houghtan has lost some baseball IQ points if he thinks otherwise. Ask the Red Sox a few years ago when they were one of the worst fielding teams in baseball even though they had a potent offense. They couldn't do much without the fielding. Give a team 4 outs in an inning while that error has a guy in scoring position and you have a potential loss. Great plays make that extra out worthy for a pitcher to be able to go that extra inning with a lower pitch count. IT IS HUGE!!!!
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