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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Martin's said the kid's ages were a mistake because he planned on having a multi-year gap between SoS and aFfC, but in the end, he couldn't pull it off.

So according to the creator himself, the kid's ages are off in the book, and not in the tv show.
OK - that's great and all, but in the first 2 (and most of 3) books he still wrote the characters, Arya in particular, as younger.

He changed his mind later. Great. Doesn't retroactively change how he crafted them in the first place. With Rob & Jon, it actually helps - as some of the stuff they pulled off in the books is hard to belive from a couple of teenagers (from a leadership perspective).

but Arya, in the books, is a pre-pubescent girl. Maisie Williams - is not.
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