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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I didn't, but I can only imagine what happened, complete with Benny Hill's theme song playing in the background.

I honestly don't put a whole lot of thought into fielding one way or the other, though. I don't get too down on poor fielders or too excited about great ones, because ultimately, the game is about getting runs across the plate. The difference in potential runs given up between a .990 and say a .950 fielder has much much less impact on a team than the difference between a .320 hitter and a .280 hitter. To illustrate the point, I'll use extremes. Which team would win more games: 9 Brandon Inges or 9 Miguel Cabreras?

The way to win consistently, IMO, is to make sure your best 9 players are in the lineup, regardless of where they play. My dad and brother and I were talking yesterday, and they were discussing what to do with Quintin Berry now that Jackson is back. Their suggestion was to trade one of them for a hitting second baseman. I said screw that, Berry's got more range than Jackson, put in in center and move Jackson to second base. He's proven he can hit, so getting rid of them would be stupid. Find a way to get them both on the field without sacrificing Boesch or Young's bats...that's the only way to do it, IMO.
You're way wrong buddy.
Fielding is pretty fricken important, and that is a HUGE dropoff, which would result in a lot more runs scored for the opponent.
Basically you're saying to me the Mariners would have won more games if they had Cabrera at 3B instead of Beltre during those years. I say false.

Lol at saying a player can just change positions like that without sacrificing for the team. Not alone the errors, but more hits will probably be given up. Which leads to more runs.

I mean, basically, its the equivalent of saying, in football, just throw guys out there, it doesn't matter, focus on offense and scoring points. I'd rather have a RB who will be able to get 1,300 yards opposed to a RB who will get 1,000 yards while sacrificing spending money on defense to upgrade the pathetic LB/DT corp.
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