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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
HELL YES!!!! **** YOU JOFFREY! LITTLE ****ING SNAKE!!!!! Ok, this is by far one of the most addictive books I've ever read. I hope they make about three seasons out of it. Chris was right...the deaths, the sweet sweet deaths! Just one crazy chapter after another.

Starting to feel sad for Sansa. Even though she seemed insolent and petty at first, you can't help but hope that SOMEONE comes to her rescue in the near future. Lysa seems like a crazy woman, and at this point I'd just hope that Highgarden somehow whisps her away in the future. Did not see Stannis coming to the aid of the Wall...CRAZY!

Taco, I'm right there with ya. Jamie Lanister is fast becoming one of my favorite that we know the truth of Aerys' treachery, Jamie is rectified (to some degree).

Poor, poor Tyrion. That little imp just can't catch a break

Can't wait to get home and finish this book!!!

I was watching the first season with my sister who was incensed over Sansa's actions in the second episode. (lying about the incident with Joffrey and the Butcher's boy) I remember telling her that Sansa would pay for her sins with interest.
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