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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I really wish people would quit whining this isn't exactly like the books. It's primary goal is to be a good TV series. They are going to shuffle things around to save set money and make the script work for the small screen. That means you won't see 10000 Dothraki every episode, and they won't show the hot springs pumping through the walls of Winterfell castle. Just enjoy the series and be patient.

Yes, the primary goal is to adapt the Novels into the Best TV series possible. And I maintain that while streamlining characters and events is entirely necessary, the large scale alterations in season 2 served to noticeably weaken the narrative and have not been in the interest of making the best TV possible.

For instance, Arya becoming Tywin's cup bearer. This change created two logical breaks that did not exist in the novels. Why did Arya not use one of her three deaths on Tywin, and why was Tywin simply sitting around at Harrenhaal while Rob was raiding his lands?

Martin's original Narrative for Arya in book two was stronger and made more sense than what Benioff and Weiss gave us in season 2. Additionally, the show's changes to the Harenhaal plot will need to be addressed again in season 3 to logistically allow for future scenes to occur.

With Martin's glacial work pace, we are probably already looking at Benioff and Weiss just writing the last couple of season on their own. Given the current quality of their work when they depart from Martin's written word, I can't say they are inspiring a lot of faith in me.
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