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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post

SPOILER: ( I never realized just how much guilt Eddard Stark walks around with until the second read-through. The nuance of this character is awesome. He's hiding a secret from his wife and his best friend (who also happens to be the king), and the weight of that secret causes him a lot of inner turmoil. Whenever he is in personal moments with either Catelyn or Robert, his mysterious promise to Lyanna is not far from his thoughts.

Can you imagine hiding from your best friend that your sister, who is his lifelong love interest, gave birth to a son of the prince he had slain, and you are now fostering as your own son? And you have to lie to your wife by telling her he's yours? (presuming that Jon is Lyanna and Rheagar's son, which I am a 100% subscriber to).

Abso****inglutely...GrrMs combination of logos and Pathos is phenominal.
Now get used to waiting.
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