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Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
Anyone try any of the cheaper blenders out there like the Ninja?

We juiced years ago but the cleanup was just such a pain in the butt. I'd like to get something that just grinds everything up without having to cut too much and without the pulpy mess. Fast & easy would be nice if I'm going to use it.

I was just shopping around the other day for one. I was amazed at how many different models there are and how many different options. The prices and options vary so much it's crazy.

I really don't want to spend over $250 for a stupid blender. They were selling some at the stores for over $600 which to me is just stupid.
My Wife and I have both (the Vitamix for close to 20 years) and, while they both do a really nice job at what they do, I personally prefer the Vitamix.

I really enjoy making hot soup AND ice cream in the VitaMix - The Ninja system works really well for "quick fix" drinks and mixing.

Granted - the VitaMix is a damned expensive machine. but the idea that we've had (and used) ours for nearly 20 years kind of takes the "sting" out of it....
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