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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
I bought a Breville juicer a year ago at Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon. Cost about $150 and was the best purchase I have ever made. I did a ten day juice cleanse and rid myself of hives I had from severe allergies. I also lost 17 pounds of unwanted belly and found a new energy to stay focused on healthy eating and exercise.

Now I do a 5 day juice cleanse once every two to three months and a ten day cleanse once a year. Each time I feel better and more energized moving forward. I think its a great way to clear out your system and get your mind and body back on track for a more fit lifestyle.

Great juicing (not blending) recipes here:

I like the Great Green Fruity Mix and the Mexican Jugo.
I just recently bought the Jack Lalane juicer, and so far I am loving it. The mock V8 juice recipe I found is pretty good, had it for breakfast the last 3 days. Not a bad investment for $90 at Costco.

Does not compare to a Vitamix, but for what I wanted to use it for, only juicing, it's been great.

Plain old carrot juice is surprisingly good too!
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