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Originally Posted by myMind View Post
Huge spoiler]

Btw, trolls are trolling on this page.

Real spoiler below, do not read unless read book 3...

SPOILER -If they do it with Joff though then they would have a lot to fill in afterwards, the hearing for tryion and getting the viper to fight the mountain and such. I just think that would be to premature to end it with that. I could see it happening mid way through the season and then leaving it hanging where sansa is on the run....I forgot my timelines a bit here too, but when tyrion used his cross bow, was that near the end of 3 or middle? I was thinking it was middle and that would seem to be a more likely cause for the wtf? Joff is dead midway through, then at the break tryion offs his dad and then splits. Who knows. Spoiler end.....

Man I cant wait, but I love the idea, however unlikley that they would do season 3, which ends about his time of the year, and then finish season it up sometime in the fall. It wont happen but it would be great.
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