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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I wonder what they might use as the split up point to create a big "WTF" end of season moment...
Huge spoiler

SPOILER: ( Joffrey's death would work to front the gap, more as a cathartic moment than a wtf one... then completely shake people up with the RW early in the fourth season. I would be happy with that. Danny aquiring the unsullied and meeting Selmy in S3, the rest in four. Sam and the NW rout at the FotFM + some John and Yrgritte's journey to the wall in S3, the rest in 4, oh wait...Bran has to meet the Reed's and Journey north, the Bastard of Bolton, not to mention Jaime Lannister and the BC, ****...I hope they can do it justice. )

Btw, trolls are trolling on this page.

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