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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Diagnosis: Lewis is a unique case, because he suffered his right ACL tear before the start of the 2001 season and missed the entire year. The fact that he was injured so early was a huge advantage for the bruising back, who also tore up his left knee in 1998 as a collegiate player with the Tennessee Volunteers. With youth on his side and a full season off the gridiron, Lewis made a successful return in 2002 with 1,327 yards on the ground and seven total touchdowns. Those weren't huge numbers, however, and again Lewis was a special example in this research.

Same situation as Charles.

Jamal Lewis, Edge James, Willis McGahee all came back just fine.

Ronnie Brown and Kevin Smith were never as good as JC or any of the 3 listed above. They weren't very good before they got injured.

To say Charles career is going down the tube is wrong. The guy is 23 years old. Not 36.

A scatback making his living off speed and cutting ability............

You believe whatever you want since you keep believeing in a pathetic organization but the odds are not in his favor to return to anywhere close to where he was and HE NEVER EVER WAS AN ELITE BACK............
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