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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
One area kc improved was the oline. I've told people here for a while now that the thing that is excellent about kc, especially on defense, is the speed. Sure, kc has talent but if the players don't have any faith in their QB, they may not play all out on every play. I think the players like Crennell, but now the players have a full off season with Crennell and will have an entire regular season with Crennell. We shall see if the honeymoon ends quickly, especially if kc strings a few losses together.
The players believe in the QB (or so they say). I strongly believe that our running game will be very good this year because our new OC is very good at formulating the running game. Last year Miami was 11th in rushing with Reggie Bush (who wasn't known as an every down back) and Daniel Thomas. He also was the OC who helped Peyton Hillis bust out in Cleveland in 2010.

But the OL is key. If Cassel has a year like 2010, it will be a good year, but we don't know what we're gonna get with anyone in the division.

Will Manning, Berry, Palmer, Moeaki, DMC, Charles, Rivers, Gates be healthy or perform like they did in the past?

Is Ingram, Poe, or Wolfe a difference maker?

So many questions. I think it's going to be a very close race between all 3 teams.
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