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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
No, not at all. Most of the gun related deaths are not accidents. They are on purpose. Usually this is an in the moment rage reaction, usually drug or alcohol related. But if there would not have been a gun in the house a homicide would not have been commited.

I'm not saying people should not own guns, but I think everyone needs to look at their situation and their OWN temperment. AND If I had a little kid in the house I would not have a loaded gun oin their for protection. It is too easy for them to get to it. Hell, If I ould have a had a loaded gun in my house me or my wife would probably be dead now.
SO IYHO they would not have used a kitchen knife, Rock, hammer, scissors or smothered them while they were asleep with paper..

Sorry but just because a firearm (notice I did not say gun, because any one with military training knows the difference between a gun and a firearm) was handy did ot make it a homicide..the indiviual would have found a way to make it happen..

 Lame ass argument if I every saw one.. Always has been always will be..
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