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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
OK, take out the QB position for just a compare the other 21 starters (+ST's) and look at the depth at each position.
If you don't think KC is stronger at most of the positions than I don't know what to tell ya.

Manning has struggled against the Chargers and Romeo Crennel's defense. Add in the fact that Denver couldn't stop the run last year (in a year without DMC and Charles) and did virtually nothing to improve that and you see why either of the 3 teams could win.
Blind ass homer...............

JC is a scatback and had one good year against a last place schedule and now he is rehabbing a blown out knee.

McGahee is a better all around back.

Your o-line is no better than ours which led the leaque in rushing.

D-line even with our DT position is ours.......

Corners we are better..........

Give ya safety...........

WR is about equal depending upon Bowe and DT...........

So where is it you think you are so much better ?

We have just as good TEs now.............
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