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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
OK, take out the QB position for just a compare the other 21 starters (+ST's) and look at the depth at each position.
If you don't think KC is stronger at most of the positions than I don't know what to tell ya.

Manning has struggled against the Chargers and Romeo Crennel's defense. Add in the fact that Denver couldn't stop the run last year (in a year without DMC and Charles) and did virtually nothing to improve that and you see why either of the 3 teams could win.
One area kc improved was the oline. I've told people here for a while now that the thing that is excellent about kc, especially on defense, is the speed. Sure, kc has talent but if the players don't have any faith in their QB, they may not play all out on every play. I think the players like Crennell, but now the players have a full off season with Crennell and will have an entire regular season with Crennell. We shall see if the honeymoon ends quickly, especially if kc strings a few losses together.
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