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Chiefs fans don't think our team is the best, or the organization. I think it's funny how a lot of Bronco fans think they're the Steelers and act like they're miles better than the rest of the division.
A lot of Chief fans think they are going to win the division. Most feel they are better then Denver in almost every position but QB. That was their point of contention during Manning's short but agonizing free agent period.

Lot of Broncos fans think they are going to win the division too.

Difference between the two views, is most in the national media are picking/likely will pick the Broncos to win the division, where as few predictions are calling for the Chiefs to win the division. Not sure if that is really a good thing for the Broncos being the experts seem to be wrong as often as they are right.

I'm sure everyone but Raiders fans thinks they can win this division.
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