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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
Nope, highly trained professionals and occasionally death dealers protecting you sensitive types from the ravages of the radicals who would do you harm. Enjoy that nap tonight under the blanket of security provided by guys and gals like us, weather you know it, like it, or acknowledge it or not...we know. When you get ruffled, and puffy, and all high on that intellectual/academic horse... it makes us laugh....hard......honestly, it really does.
You've put together a fine group of posts.. this one being the best..

But I'd call them bedwetters your just to kind and sensitive..

liked the comment about "name me a sound that will make your insides turn to water faster than the sound of a pump shotgun chambering a round if you are doing no good. Unmistakable."

could have just said piss or crap your pants.. would have been more graphic.. and probably more accurate..

SOme real good advise I may look into some of your suggestions..
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